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    Rosella Batac aka Mei Hua Tu

    Name Rosella Batac aka Mei hua Tu, date of Birth : 30-july 1969

    I met this asian woman on social media (tagged.com) in june 2014, she told me she was from Taiwan, born in zamboanga city Philippines, adopted by taiwanese people.
    She lives in Toronto, Canada and went there to devorce her hushband and to get better life for her 3 kids.
    After chatting, video calling we fell in love and she told me she wanted to come to me in Holland to be with me forever.
    We agreed to wait her canadian citizenship because then she could come without any problems.
    Round september 2014 problems started, she got accident, broke her arm and could not work, no income and I lend her some money and that went on,
    fees for kids schools, health certificates for citizenship, etc. and she allways promised me to pay back in future.
    In july 2015 she visited me for holiday for about 3 weeks, we had great time, she worked my house, etc. and all looked great. During her visite she got phone call that her eldest daughter , just finished her study for nurse, got cancer (this is the only thing what was true) and was in hosiptal in Philippines.
    So I helped her pay hospital, treatment and few months later the funeral.
    Few weeks after visite she told me she was pregnant and I send again money.
    June 2016 she visited me again for only 1 week and again all was nice and great, only she was pushing me to have atleast one time unsave sex and again, few weeks later she told me she became pregnant again , she sended me pics of pregnancy test and scan of fetus and wenn I put in google seach found out she copied from website.
    I started digging in google and after long seach found a profile of her named Rosela Batac with family members as friends, but not a word about me, even she allways told me she loved and missed me so much and happy she found me.
    I decided to do as if I didnt know and from that moment didnt send money anymore and than about 2 weeks later her mom was very sick, asking me money for ticket. She went anyway to her mom in Phils, that is what she said, but by ip check found out she was still in Canada.
    Asked her a pic of her mom and name, she send me a pic of a woman from her friendslist and every time wenn I told her I will come over there to visite ,she had excuse so I could not come.
    Last january 2017 I confronted her with her lies, she denined everything and suddenly her facebook was gone or I was blocked, she dissapered from
    viber, skype , whatapp.
    This woman is a reall criminal, using her kids all for money, she ripped me for 50000,00 canadian dollar
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