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    Thumbs up NEW GOLDDIGGER-VIKTORIA Tersaakova nee Lindstrom


    Viktoria Tersaakova has a long history of deceiving foreign men and works as a partner in crime with Tetiana Cafearo,Kiev.
    I have made contact with two men who have then led me onto four other men who can verify that she is a professional scammer and prostitute.These men are past partners of Viktoria and men who are UA and operate business in Kiev.They have reported the truth and have nothing to gain from their reporting.
    She uses various dating sites, solicits in Kiev and uses marriage agencies to locate a mark.
    Once she has located a mark she uses CAFEARO to convince the mark that she's a good woman.The mark then through various scams such as balcony needs replacing , flooded floor causing damage to neighbours flat, son needs schooling, winter clothes etc etc
    Once the mark is hooked she uses him as a cash cow to feed her life whilst she locates two, three more marks at the same time.
    I myself am witness to her ways and was asked to assist in hooking another mark,an American called Randy.
    To protect all men worldwide who are genuine in their search for love i want to post Viktoria Lindstrom as a serial gold digger in the hope that we can close down her scamming operation.
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    Informing "gold-digger" that she is posted on this website will lead to termination of your account and permanent banning!



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