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    Tetiana Cafearo aka Tina Flower aka Tetiana Zadaraka

    Who initiated contact?
    - I did through a marriage agency in Kiev
    How was the contact initiated and which website did the contact originate from?
    - Marriage by Natali,Kiev
    How long did you correspond for?
    - 6.5 years
    Did you notice anything strange in the correspondence?
    - Yes
    How was the money request done and for how much?
    - Western Union and Moneygramm as well as the fraudulent claim of sincereity to marry In whose name(s) was the money requested? Tetiana Cafearo as 'gift"
    How much was requested, how many times did you receive a request for money?
    - Initial $209,000 usd to buy apartment and then support money, medical aid,operations,travel,clothes etc for 6.5 years.
    How did your story end?
    - I contacted a private investigator in Kiev and a lawyer.I currently am pressing 2 criminal charges and a civil suit against Tetiana

    David (UK)
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