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    Nina Plotnikova aka Nina Jones, Marina Plotnikova, Marina Jones, Vlada Plotnikova

    This scammer uses the names Nina Plotnikova, Nina Jones, Vlada Plotnikova, Marina Plotnikova and is seeking American and western European men to help her get out of Ukraine. She uses Absolute Agency and Love.mail.ru, Flirt.com.ua and other sites to solicit but quickly deletes the profiles, she does not use e-mail, she uses cell phones to communicate but the numbers change frequently. She currently is living in Nikolaev Ukraine, but represents she is from Odessa, Kiev, or Nikolaev Ukraine. She is a well known Prostitute in Ukraine with her photos on several sites. She says she is a professional model and has sold her photos but this is not true. She has a daughter and says she was married to an American who abandoned her and her daughter. She is very sly and speaks excellent English. Tells a convincing story, and will travel within Ukraine to meet you, but at a price. Be very careful, she is very good at what she does, using her daughter to get $ from you for food, clothes, toys, medical costs, rent, everything and anything. Says she has a lot of property but cannot make the payments and the bank will take her only place to live leaving her homeless.

    Richard (USA)
    Informing "gold-digger" that she is posted on this website will lead to termination of your account and permanent banning!



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