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    Kateryna Kotliarevska

    In short, This girl was playing her game on the Internet with me and she obviously was not interested in any relationship. She was interested in receiving presents, free passport, free trip to other country, going to concerts etc. There was nothing to be detected in her emails and therefore impossible to know her intentions before a meeting with her. She knows she looks good and she has been a former photo model and she uses it perfectly to milk money from men. Regarding foreign visitors having only a few photos and emails before meeting, there is only one thing we can do trying to stop this kind of woman: to report them.
    I met this girl at a dating site (brides.ru) and I visited her two times in her city Lugansk. She never showed any serious interest to develop a relationship but she pretended that she was interested in moving abroad to live with me. Just after about five days she told she had problem with her landlord, took me with to see a new apartment that she wanted to rent. She asked me to pay a few hundred dollars and when I did not do that she and her friend left me soon after that, both of them acting very nervously. She succeeded however later in pretending to be serious regarding a relationship and when she asked me for something (she kept always asking me to buy something new for her) I paid for clothes, mobile phone, visiting restaurants, private English course and later a passport. It is not unusual thing to buy something for your woman and this is exactly how scammers and gold diggers like this girl take advantage from foreign visitors. In the second trip to Lugansk as we had talked about moving to my country, I also paid her to get a passport for her to go to Kiev to apply for resident permit in my country.

    I had a real bad feeling about things in the second trip as the only time she took my hand; it was just before she would ask me to buy a new thing for her. Nothing changed compared to the first trip. I thought it was strange behaviour that I saw no real interest from her despite she told she wanted to live with me and to live her country. However it was late. When I came back from Lugansk after second trip she asked for more money to buy plane tickets go to Kiev. I asked very politely for some explanation about her behaviour during my long staying (totally more than 1 month) in Lugansk. She did not even cared to answer my letters. It is well known that as soon as a scammer does not get more money it is not interesting anymore to communicate. However when I wrote to her friend and told that this is how scammers and gold diggers work and I would report her as scammer they began to play a game lasting for about 4 mounts. Initially she told like any other scammer that she would pay back all I spent for her at the same time that she began to tell me again that she was still very much interested in continuing the relationship and misunderstandings had disappeared. She explained that she only wanted to see my reaction when she did not answer my emails earlier. It was only to wait and see the result that was not very unexpected. At the end after playing a game for about four months she blocked my email and she was gone.

    I had initially no intention to report this girl partly because I was interested in her and I had contact with her for a year. The other reason was the good game she played those last four months. I report this with long delay but there is no reason not to report her trying to squeeze money and to play game for months. If you see her profile somewhere in the future, write to the administrators to remove her profile and to prevent her hurting other people. I hope this help somebody.

    Mehr (Sweden)
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    Informing "gold-digger" that she is posted on this website will lead to termination of your account and permanent banning!



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