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    Catherine Chernyshova

    Name: Catherine Chernyshova
    Age: 35 years old
    Location(s): Temryuk, Russia

    All looked normal except that she insisted we meet in Russia.
    She said her mother did not trust internet man and wanted to see me in person first.
    She sent me about 5-6 love cards on internet all saying she loved me and was lucky to have found me etc. etc.
    I went to meet her in her Anapa and her home Town Temryuk.
    I asked her about web sites about companies which provide acomodation in these towns but she saids there were none but she could find something herself. So I left her find accomodation.
    She fell in love with me when we met and I paid also for her internationl passport so she would come to my country after 1 month that I left Russia.
    She bought me love cards while I was with her, told me she loved me, cried when we said goodbye at the airport when I left Russia etc. etc. etc.
    After I came back to my country she seemed to be cool off slowly slowly and one day just sent me an e-mail that she had decided that she did not love me and said "Goodbye".
    After a couple of days I found out she had removed her old profile on the website and made a new profile with a few details changed just 1 week before I went to meet her.
    So I understood it was just a game. She gets man to go to Russia takes commission from appartment owners, gifts etc. pretends she is in love with you, than when you are back home, she writes to you and says she has changed her mind.
    She has the help of a friend of hers called Natalya Baydenko who makes translations of e-mails for her.

    By Anthony from Malta
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