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    Valerie Felton vc.felton@hotmail.com

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    How are you doing? I'm new on here. I have read ur profile,I like what I read. I will like to get to know more about u. I am looking for a man who we can start a long term relationship together . I'll appreciate if you're so kind to tell me more about yourself, spending your time, your life goals, ambitions. It would be nice of you to make it clear what kind of a woman you're searching for?I'm in for a serious and long term relationship ,I'm not here to waste someone else time neither do I want my time to be wasted. I have more questions for you but that would be when I hear from you again, As i don't get on here all the time,this is my private contact, (vc.felton@hotmail.com) V C . F E L T O N at H O T M A I L. C O M. I will look forward to your e mail to share more about eachother.

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