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    Nancy Suarez Hincapie aka Nacho from Santa Rosa de Cabal Colombia

    I was contacted by this woman when I was on LatinLove. She was beautiful. We talked online and I went down to Colombia many times to be with her. We engaged, moved for a fiancee visa, when that was rejected, we got married and moved for a spouse visa. Then i found through an investigation that she had many men coming to be with her. Her neighbors reported that she had many foreign men come stay with her and have sex with her, including local men. So, we pulled a DAS log from customs of the men that came to be with her. This is the list I have posted on my facebook; Partial list of guys that came and slept with her and the dates.

    I am moving for an annulment in the United States and pulled another DAS log that shows Richard coming out again, and a new guy from Britian once in February and again just last month.

    Yes, I have reported this to the USCIS and ICE, they are investigating. They want to know how much money she is making from all these men. So, if we can get the word out. Then that would be great.

    Tim (USA)
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