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    Natalia Pronkina

    I'm a well-seasoned traveler, which probably saved me on this, along with ALOT of luck. This possibly was due to Steve's, or someone else's, arrival. I will tell you that I am only seasoned in hopping on a plane and going to some place I threw a dart at on a map. I've always made my own arrangements, arrived unannounced (because I was on R&R... not searching for a mate), and mingled my time away doing as I please. Again, it was just getting off the job and going somewhere I wanted to. Just to relax or whatever I wanted to do as I made no real plans on these trips.
    Going to 'meet someone' is much different, especially when you are talking about 'love, hearts, and souls'. Be cautious at all times guys.

    Natalia and I had corresponded from 20AUG to 03NOV. We talked on the phone a number of times, she answered all e-mail questions in detail, and sent very long letters. These 3 things put me into a very comfortable position of trust. I saw a couple of Steve's letters, and I have the basic paragraphs he has in my first few letters. I documented (saved) 19 of her letters, but received at least 30. I didn't keep those which were one paragraph types, where she replied back to some minor "end of the day"
    notes I sent. She was very 'in tune' and very good. She had high concerns of me being alone in Kiev and arriving in Kharkov at a time when she could not be there to interpret/take care of me/meet me at the airport. I had the same concerns but only as far as language goes. So I contacted our Moscow office and they e-mailed me about 20 translations I asked for. Just basics to take care of me in the usual travel situations.
    Things like "Where's Customs/Immigration?", "Where's the toilet?", "Where'
    s the bar?", "Take me to the nearest hotel", "Please call the US Embassy", etc. I also have good natural instincts and a knack for knowing something is not going 'right'. Most of us do. The day before I left, I received an e-mail where she let me know that her cell phone was missing, but she had borrowed her friend's cell and gave me the number. I immediately called her from here at work and she answered. OK, $hit happens, I thought to myself, but I know I can call her if something goes wrong on my trip. During this phone call, suddenly the '2 week furlough' she arranged with her boss was changed. She had to work every other day. I think to myself, so what, I can go out and do things on my own as I have always before. I left the next day and had a feeling that I wasn't going to be as happy to meet this girl as I had thought. Here's how my trip went.

    I arrived in Kharkov on Friday, 05NOV04 on the Svitair 1640Hr. arrival from Kiev. Natalia showed up, on time with a driver and all seemed well.
    I was tired, as I had arrived in Istanbul from Bahrain around 0600, had a departure to Kiev around 0900, and arrived in Kiev around noon I think. I had about a 3 hour layover there, and sat in the cafe between the International and Domestic terminals with a Brit working in Iraq. He was on his way 'home' to his Ukrainian girlfriend of 3 years he told me. We had some beers and I departed around 15 -1530, arriving in Kharkov right at dusk.

    We loaded up and headed to the apartment that she had set up. I guess it was around 1830 by the time we got there. It was around US$90/night and was just a little more expensive than what I have seen in Kiev, Odessa, or some of the other bigger cities I've been to, or seen on websites. I wasn 't bothered by the price. I know that US$60 may have been more along the right rate. So I paid "Boris Badanov" my two weeks in advance, got a receipt, and took it in the shorts, maybe. Again, I was ready to pay that amount so I considered myself out of nothing. She and I had a pizza delivered and visited until about 2030. When she left, she gave me instructions not to answer the door for any reason and that she would call from the cell phone to let me know she was coming up the stairs. I liked all this. So up to this point I may have already been scammed, on the apartment, but here's where it went 'weird'. Around 2200, an hour and a half later, after I had unpacked and was about to die on the nice big bed, the phone rings. I immediately have a major testosterone rush. She says there's a problem with the apartment and I have to leave and that she will be over in 30 minutes, and arrange a hotel. Pissed was my first reaction, then ding-ding-ding, red flags, and sirens. But what were they up to I wondered? Her and "Boris Badanov", arrive and give me my money back. He'
    s very nice and apologetic and so is she. OK, he said he "got confused"
    and had me mixed up with someone else who was coming to occupy it tomorrow. So what? I thought to myself. I mean, I have seen this type of ignorance in 3rd World countries before, but I don't expect this mentality in the Ukraine. Ukraine is a great place, make no bones about it, no matter how much 'heartburn' you read in these sites, I love it there.
    Oh well, so I can deal with the iinconveinence. I bite my tongue and move on. Again, I've learned patience being in far worse countries. So they check me in at the "hotelNational". Typical Ukrainian flea bag, cheaper than the apartment, a suite (LR, BR, fridge, TV, phone). It wasn't bad, just old, but clean for it's type of place and of course, a luxury hotel compared to some I've been to in Indonesia, China, and other places. They had a wonderful friendly staff too. Very helpful and took care of me. I was content. So I'm wondering how my story turns out like this and what Steve's timing in November was.

    In closing, I suppose that making my own arrangements from the airport to the apartment / hotel that I set up on the net is what I will continue to do, because of this 'near miss'. That or I will use the girl's Dating Agency, as I know the rates are cheaper. I've yet to be scammed in any way, but when you are in 'their sandbox', you are very vulnerable. All Natalia got out of me was a couple of dinners, a bottle of perfume, a nice leather purse, and lost a wonderful guy. What I spent on her was budgeted in my plan so I lost nothing, but apparently I came close.

    Anyway, I appreciate your Gold-Diggers Site services and at least I know the girls in AFA are real, because the first one I met from their agency was real.
    It just turned out to be the scammer Natalia Pronkina, and she was definitely the gal in the pics.
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    Informing "gold-digger" that she is posted on this website will lead to termination of your account and permanent banning!



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