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Thread: Oksana Birukova

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    Oksana Birukova

    Why I suspect her of being a gold-digger:

    Oksana travelled to Kiev to purchase a visa and Air tickets to fly to England. This is her second attempt. I haven't heard from her For about 2 weeks now. I bought her a new Samsung C200 mobile phone costing me $300.00 USD, so that I could communicate with her, if anything should go wrong. That way she could call and keep me inform of the situation at hand.
    Ever since she left for Kiev I have spoken to her at least 3 times. The last time I spoke to her she told me that she was having problems with the phone. That was during the first week. She has been In Kiev for 3 weeks since she left. Every time I try and call her I keep getting a message saying (The subscriber cannot be reached at the moment) or (The subscriber cannot receive your call at the moment ).The one time the phone actually rang for a little over 2 minutes then it just went dead. On another occasion a male voice answered and spoke to me in Ukrainian.
    I have through out the course of 12 months spent ?5'530.00 British pounds about 10'172.87 USD on her. I have evidence in letters she wrote to me needing money, that I have saved as proof. I really feel that I have been caught up in a scam. She users the services of the Internet cafe In Lugansk. The manageress there is Mrs Nadezhda Naschokina. I usually transfer money in her name through western union.
    The final result of my experience with her. Well she appears to be a very kind caring and loving person. Always telling me how much she needs me and wants to spend the rest of her life with me. With in the first two months of our correspondence she had already been telling me just how much she loves me and wants to marry me. I tell you one thing they really are masters at sweet-talking people. I am totally gutted in side. I really and truly thought that she felt genuine affection towards me. I now longer correspond with her!!!!!
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