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    Jintana Khattiyapong from Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima

    I had met Jintana in the summer and we developed a nice relationship via emails, chatting on Yahoo and MSN and also through phone conversations. We decided to meet to see if we were compatible and if we should develop our relationship to eventually get engaged and married. We did meet, and had a great time together traveling around to some different places in Thailand and to her home in the Northeast. I met many of her friends and relatives, and everyone seemed really happy to see us together.
    After this trip, our relationshhip seemed to develop more, and we decided that we would formally get engaged on my next trip to Thailand. There were occasional requests for money and expensive gifts during this time, but I didn't think that it was a warning sign since she seemed very serious and sincere about our relationship. I vsisited Jintana again, and we actually had an engagement ceremony with many of her family members in attendance. I thought that this was a big step for her to take in her commitment to me, although there were some times that she seemed a little cold to me, especially with her physical affection.
    Things got a little strange for Jintana and I after this trip. She finally agreed to let me start the fiancee visa process for her to come here and get married, but she also wanted to find a new job and went to Norway for a few months to work there. During this time, the requests for money for her travel and living expenses started. For example, her job in Norway went sour, and she needed money for airfare back to Thailand. She also wanted an expensive notebook laptop computer and some money for a downpayment on a new apartment. Well, luckily I found out that she had another long-term boyfriend (a guy from Norway, where she was "working" previously!), who was also supplying her with money to support her and had plans to marry her eventually. Watch out for this girl. She is really clever and can really work on you to make you believe that she is in love with you and is a totally sweet girl, when in reality she is just a selfish girl who is willing to weave a web of deceit that can last a long time (2 years in my case!) to get what she wants. I don't want anyone else to waste their precious time on someone like this who doesn't care who they hurt just to get some money and nice things.
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    Informing "gold-digger" that she is posted on this website will lead to termination of your account and permanent banning!



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