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    Julia Shpakova/Julia Ivanova from Vilnius and Moletai

    She has invited me to Lithuania. I wanted to book a hotel room. However, she absolutely wanted to book a flat. She fetched me at the airport with the taxi. The flat was too expensive for the standard according to my opinion. I assume from the fact that she co-operates with the flat owner. I have come of Tuesday and had to change of Thursday the flat. What struck me that she was very contradictory with her times. Time had them time sometimes them no time. I think if she had no time, it already received the next victim. She bought very expensive cosmetics on my costs. Smaller presents were not good enough to her. For the driving home supposedly in Moleitai, she asked me every time for 500 Lituas.
    I bought her one handbag, a few shoes and a stylish clock. She asked me also whether I again for Vilnius could come what she could like very much. The cur was laid. I really thought that she likes me. And I accepted to her. I had booked my stay up to the first time. But already on Saturday she had to go supposedly with her father and his friend to Poland to buy a car. Today I think that she was weary only mine or had met somebody to others. However, she had asked me of Friday to help in the payment of the car. I accepted to her to do this with smaller rates. She would have borrowed father's money from the friend and would have to pay back it within six months. Nevertheless, we had telefonsich wide contact. During my departure day I called them still in around her to say where I had deposited the key for the Apartement. In contrast to the previous telephone calls she looked very friendly and asked me them to call if I had come at home. And thus we further remained in contact. But she asked every time for the money for her car, I wanted to know a bank account about her. First she wanted that I transfer it by western to union. Nevertheless, I did not want this. Then I had booked for the day of the wedding of her sister again a flight. She also had nothing against the fact that I came. The second spot in Vilnius, was again the same play. I have flown on Thursday to her. This time she had taken herself more time for me. I had fallen in love with them. And she said to me that it is very importantly for her.
    Now she had also called to me her bank account. First I thought that her surname Ivanova is. She said that is in your mail only one pseudonym. She had supposedly still no driving licence and, therefore, it must go furthermore with taxi home. Again every day 500 Lituas. The flat was a Kastastrope. However, she was not clean I had to pay every day 70 euros for it. And it was the immediately type like at the first meeting again. I wanted to get to know, actually, also your parents once. But every time they were too occupied supposedly.
    Because they to myself this time very much around myself anxious ones I had scooped no suspicion. I bought even a photo mobile phone to her, because it had in the birthday 14th July. This time she brought me even of Monday to the airport. However, she did not want to wait, because she must work. We remained furthermore in contact. And every time she was nice and called me mine baby. I furnished to her even a standing order, so that it could pay off her car. Then I asked, when her sister would marry. She asked whether I want to come. Of course I wanted to come. I booked a flight for this Wochende. And then came the refusal that the wedding would be shifted. Instead of that she would fly with her parents for 10 days to Spain in the vacation. I could come afterwards to her. If I had, however, desire, I could still come of Friday to her, however, of Saturday she would fly away.
    I did not want this of course. And we agreed that we would meet then on the 3rd October. To go definitely, she has called me still in the morning and has sent me a mail. I was glad very much about ours see again. She had to come to Vilnius it, however, very in a great hurry from the airport to the rented flat. There was a gigantic quarrel because this flat was too expensive to me for 100 euros per night.
    In the taxi she had still talked to want to go eating chinesich. And after this quarrel she had to come very in a great hurry to the work. From then on I have reached them only three times by telephone, because I had searched a more favorable flat for myself on the Internet. From Wednesday evening I had been able to produce no more contact to her. Either she did not go any more to her mobile phone, or the mobile phone was switched off. On Fridays in the morning I sent her one SMS and e-mail, because I did not understand her behaviour. She sent back me a mail that it would meet me on Saturday. However, she has not come. And Sunday evening I had ausversehen her e-mail address gegoogelt. She had in the interim where them supposedly in Spain was glued another. I strongly suppose that was in the time where ci in Vilnius, she maintained contact with another. What has struck very much, she was never present only them a friend always had. It is listed in passed away agencies.
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