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Thread: Ilona Safonova

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    Ilona Safonova

    Latvian lier, cheater, betrayer, two faced, disgusting woman Riga.
    Ilona Safonova DOB.1 JAN.1980. from Riga Latvia, very charming personality. speaks Russian Latvian Italian and English. we met in Atlanta and carried on long distance relation. she convinced me that she loves me and wanted to be with me and get married. she knew from the very beginning that I m going thru separation and I had 2 kids. after 9 months of relation where she has visited me in my country and I met her family at her country. I proposed her and gave her ring, then i found out that she was continuing her relation with her ex-boyfriend (Vova) even before I met her. her sister told me this and when I went thru her email and phone I found prof that she was lying and cheating behind me. she called me liar because I unveil the truth and exposed her to her parents and to her ex-boyfriend and said that I am violent and threatened her where as her bf Vova threatened to kill me. and she also accused me of going thru her email and phone where she had many emails and massages to her ex-boyfriend.
    her ex-boyfriend was not informed of my relationship with her. when I contacted him and let him know about us he had threatened me but later understood me very well.she has lied cheated and betrayed me and to her family and ex-boyfriend. I was fortunate to take necessary action in order to avoid catastrophe before its too late. Be advised that she is very seductive and goes as far as intimacy to get u to believe she is real and will ask you to trust her words. she lives in Riga, Latvia. but she travels to many places around Europe and USA to get settle out of her country. be careful do not fall for her love or sponsor her thru marriage. she would ruin your life as well.
    Ilona safonova, I hope you are reading this because this reveals what's under your face and the kind of person you are. framing me as bad person and accusing me of looking at things you were doing behind me and calling me psychological and bipolar person doesn't justify for what u did. it shows your true identity doesn't matter how you look at it, its just wrong and disgusting. if I m liar tell me which part did I lie, or betrayed or cheated. I was nothing but honest and trustful but after meeting you my life has been destroyed with all kinds of stress. I hope you get what you deserve. I have always wished you to have happier life but scamming and playing with honest people's feelings and betraying isn't going to bring you happiness...
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