Comprehensive forum rules and regulations

  1. Accounts of members will be suspended once it is detected that such an individual directed a gold digger to the website.
  2. The use of vulgar and abusive phrases, words, speech either directly or subtly is prohibited
  3. It is disallowed for members to use hurtful speech on each other or on forum staffs by any means possible.
  4. Contents that will violate terms of use should not be posted by members.
  5. Posting adverts, naming or soliciting any products, websites, services, funds or donations signatures, usernames or avatars without seeking the consent of forum admin is strictly disallowed if your purpose of joining the website is to report the activities of a dating site, endeavour not to include their name as part of your username.
  6. Interacting with other members of the forum for the purpose of dissuading them from the forum or persuading them to join another or with the sole purpose of discussing forum topics on a platform outside the forum is highly disallowed. The sanction associated with this kind of action is account suspension. Requesting for members personal details off the forum should be frowned at. In fact, it is viewed as a gold-digger taking a victim off the dating site. Any member that has received such a request should make it known to the admin.
  7. New threads should be unique and should not be a repetition of issues already discussed in the FAQ provided already.
  8. New topics created by members should be explicit and meaningful; topics such as "Help", "Is this a gold-digger?"; "Urgent" and so on should not be used.
  9. Posts that do not align with the topic under discussion and creating topics that digress from the objective of the forum should be jettisoned.
  10. Accounts of members found posting deceptive information about another member for the deliberate purpose of defaming character will be disabled.
  11. Trending non-contextual messages should not be posted by members
  12. Links directing other members to an offsite content or website should not be embedded in member signatures.
  13. Words written in UPPERCASE or Mixed Case or bold letters or excessive formatting with the purpose of attracting attention are disallowed.
  14. Unsolicited moderators are prohibited from carrying out moderatorís activities (aka "backseat modding") and should back-out from chastising other members of the forum.
  15. Murmuring or discussing about sanctions imposed by the admin on an unruly member by administrator should be shunned.
  16. Members should dissuade from opening multiple accounts. If you misplace your account password endeavour to make use of the password retrieval option provided.
  17. If you utilised proxy during sign up or posting on this website, your account will be automatically disabled because proxy arenít allowed.
  18. as exclusive rights to all information made available through posting on the website and any use of content found on the website without the consent of the web-owner is unlawful.

General points in closing

  1. The use of Avatars that have religious or political undertone are prohibited. Such Avatars will be removed after a notification is sent to such member through PM. Do not use avatars that exploit political or religious matters.
  2. Threads with political or religious undertone should be shunned. In case such threads are created, Admin reserve the right to remove such thread without sending a notification to the member.
  3. Keep signatures moderate, overly large signature that result in forum "blowout" will be removed.
  4. Your account may be disabled depending on the content of the link incorporated in member signature. Hence, do not embed links directing other members to an offsite content or website into your signature.
  5. Avoid creating more threads, if you do not get answers to your question. Creating more threads will be viewed as flooding and irritating.
  6. We reserve the rights to terminate membership of any member who involves in a dispute with the forum staff.

General recommendations

  1. Read through the FAQ and utilise the search feature anytime possible. There is a possibility that the FAQ already discusses your question in detail. Doing this will help you retrieve desired information on-time and likewise the time of other members.
  2. Prior to posting vet your grammar and ensure they are in order. Ascertain that errors such as the use "am" instead of "I am" do not occur.
  3. Do not use excessive quotes, they irritate the reader and cause thread congestion.
  4. Private discussions should be carried out in private chats and not in public area. Private discussions that do not align with the topic under discussion are viewed as off topic.
  5. Avoid copying and pasting contents from websites as posts.
  6. If you do not have meaningful contributions to make refrain from posting.

Administration and moderation

  1. Any posts or thread that does not conform to forum term of use can be removed, edited, moved, and disabled by the administrators and moderators.
  2. In case a member report an ambiguity in the terms of use made available, the administrators and moderators have the privileged right to infer the meaning of such rules. Administrators reserve the right to change any member's status as they deem necessary.
  3. Members can make appeal against sanctions imposed by administrators and moderators only through private message (PM).
  4. It should be noted that the decision of the administration is supreme.

The terms of use provided above are subject to change by forum administrators without prior notification sent to the members of the forum.