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    Elena Vishmintser

    Came in Italy for work, she claim to be a painter but now I have a lot doubtful.
    we are gone out together an afternoon and a lot sweet did me believer of to be very interested to a connection with me. I bought them some gifts and then and vanished for 5 days (I knew later on that went to know other Italian men in Rome and Bologna) When is returned to Milan met crying me dicendomi that its son seriously was given shelter to to the hospital but that had not the money to leave with urgency. I, stupidly and moved from that dramatic stage I given them the money to take the aerial. Only after to have the visa leave I have come the large doubt that what had told myself not true pits so I experienced to call house its to Moscow, while she was in journey to return us, and I have uncovered that the corresponding son to the telephone said me that was well and that do not had not even a cold. Later on, doing some inquiry I press the hotel where lived I have uncovered that had lied myself on other details.
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