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    Ilona Potupaylenko

    You have to meet her immediately or soon as she does not want to lose feeling. You have to meet her in her city and have to stay at apartment she picks out for you. She says you will meet her family and friends , however you are stuck in apartment, except for 2 hours a day when she comes and takes you to same restaurant every night or for shopping for her ($750 dollars), and cannot even call out from apartment phone. You do not meet any family or friends of lady. You have to use same taxi ( her boyfriend) always, even when you request different taxi. She knows landlady that rents apartment and land lady is at same restaurant every night and they go in the back room for an hour. However she says she does not know landlady. When you arrive at apartment, it is all of a sudden $60 dollars more. Taxi and restaurant is way more money than even in capital/Kiev. When you arrive back home she has deleted all of your email message to her on marriage site, and now when you call on her mobile, she now hangs up on you. She does not reply to your regular emails anymore. She only posted her first name on marriage site, no last name, no address, just mobile phone.
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