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    Alina Undenkirna

    I exchanged a few emails with the girl and a couple of web cam sessions. I visited this girl in the Urkaine. She stood me up 4 times. First it was "I'm sick", then it was, "I must go see my parents", then it was "I have a headache", then my favorite "I must work"...we called her salon...she wasn't working that day. I bought her a wonderful group of roses...she left them at the restaurant, and never picked them up over the course of a week, even though her work is a 5 minute walk from the roses. Would make me walk 10 minutes to meet her after work even though my apartment was next door to her work place. Refuses to give local address to dating agency manager - always gives address of parents in a town 1 hour away, even though she lives in Kharkov. The status of her being a student is highly suspect.

    Neal (USA)
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