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Thread: Catrina Ciornei

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    Catrina Ciornei

    She contacted me on plenty of fish.
    she would of been 24 I had been on the site for a while but i have always had to send the messages to hopefully get replies on plenty of fish. But not with this girl i was weary as she was from romania very, she was quite insistant that she liked me, even though she did not know anything about me at the time and i know romania is a very corrupt country.

    After six months of talking in which that time we were discussing visas, for her to come here, she wanted to stay at my house.
    When discussing visas she told me when she was going to bucharest Bristish embassy then asks me for money to pay for the Visa application, i asked her how much money do you need she said ё62 ponds including the transfer fee. which was alot of money for me then because i was still going through the solicitors with my X partner over my home.
    so i did not have alot of money for myself to live in england i told catrina this.
    I asked her how am i going to send you the money she said i could send it to her through western union, she had obviously used this service before.
    I sent her that money through western union and she text me saying thank you very much. Then the next day i get another text message saying that she has ran out of money! please help me! because she had to buy some things, well what things, i asked she said she had to buy some things for her mom for the house, her moms house that is, i just took her word for it, And she said she did not have enough money for the trip back so i sent her the same amount again so she could get back. i was very mad about this because i told her i did not have alot of money and she spent it on things for the house or so she said and not for the trip there and back. she probably bought cloths with it i dont know because there was absolutly nothing in that house.

    I decided that i would come down and see her as the flights there were cheaper and i had very little money to make this trip as it was.

    She agreed to meet me at the airport, i had not sent her any Banni/money at this time.
    The first day i got into Romania Otopeni airport she was there to meet me it was 11pm i was hungry so we got somthing to eat of which i had to pay for 3 meals plus cigarettes for her and her freind. I did not know she smoked.
    then i got the hotel which was the hotel Marna. She was insistent on getting seperate rooms.

    The following morning in bucharest she wanted to get married and i was not going to as i did not know this girl well enough to make that sort of committment. and it just seemed to quick to do this.
    So we traveled back to piatra neamt which is about a 7 hour trip. She said that she know had work all day so plans had suddenly changed. I was stuck in that house all day long, i actually broke down, because i was so unhappy. It what was nothing like i expected it to be. she would come back on a night time and would not say anything to me she would shut her bedroom door on me and i and she would come out somtimes.
    she would be on the computer, even though she said she was getting ready. I know this because i could here her typing on the keyboard, i dont know who she was talking to on it i know it was yahoo messenger. It was like i was invisible.
    I was sleeping in the living room.
    and her and her mom would stay in there for long peroids with her. then she would say are we going out it would be around 9:30pm by then, so i had been in the house from 8am waking up to 9 pm nearly every night the parents dont speak english.
    she would invite her freind to come out with her, of which i had to pay for her meals as well. plus pay for her ciggerettes.
    when the bill came she would push it to me and say !you pay!
    everthing was you pay, it really upset me. or she would say we need to go to the bank, or more like i need to.
    It was the best resturants in piatra neamt Diesel which she liked to go too, that i was eating out in.
    In this time i never got to know anything about her we did not talk like lovers do and spend time alone, we did nothing, i was realising i was getting a raw deal.
    She would ring me up from work and ask me to meat her in the alex club. She would have her freind with her of which i had to buy everthing again. plus the cigerettes.
    And when i did go out with her in the day we did not hold hands it was nothing like that, she just wanted to go to the shops and buy expensive clothes.
    I ended having to buy things on my credit card.
    I decided to move out of the house into the hotel central, i said we could get a room together but she was not interested she would make excuses that she has to go back to her mom on a night time so things were still the same.
    She was always on her phone i have know idea who she would be phoning i had to put credit on her phone, she wanted me to buy her a computer and a new phone but i refused to.
    Even though she stayed in the hotel room with her freind in the second week because her mom had stole money out of my wallet i did managed to get that money back, i dont know how much she took because i was spending that much that fast it was hard to keep track of money.
    The spending never stopped, i have never spent that much on a girl. it was about ё1200 because i had some money on me when i entered romania I should still have the credit card statement. Know girl would make a man spend that much shurly, if they really loved them.

    During my time there i got an orange sim card to be on the romania network, i had 9 dollers on it. becasue i needed to phone my parents and let them know that thins have gone horrably wrong.
    The lady in the phone shop unlocked my phone for free so i could be on the orange romania network, she asked me what im was doing here, and i told her i had met a girl on the internet, and the first thing she said was (OH MY GOD) she asked who is this girl her name but she did not recognise her, she said this girl will spend all your money, she said you have to go back to your country and get back as she saw i was not from around here, and i was already low on money they dont get hardly any english there in piatra neamt.
    I stuck the 2 weeks to see if things would improve but they did not. I told her i wanted to go home, and she just got mad. and said that i/you cant wait to get back to england can you.

    I had enough money to limp home even then i had to pay her some money for the trip 4 million leu i had already given her 2million to get back so i dont know what she had done with that 2 million leu. so i could make shure i got to the airport, alot of them dont speak english there.

    because i had ran out of money, from her getting taxies everywhere and and eating out in expensive places. any buying food food for her freinds, she would just invite them and buying her clothes.
    I guess i was in the love trap, and you will do anything even if it means sending money and getting into debt. she has some of my documentation which i sent her possibly i cant be shure, the embassy may of taken it all, i dont know ie my photo copy of my passport and things like that to obtain visas.
    maybe she was looking for a meal ticket to the uk.

    soon after i got back to the uk i did not get any messages from her, say saying i hope you got back safly, which you would normally expect from somone that cares about someone else.
    i did text her saying why are ignoring me i should of quit then i heard nothing from her for months then i would get the odd few words popping up how are you that sort of thing. buzz buzz on the messenger but know proper words i would buzz buzz ding ding back.
    eventually i got talking to her again, and she wanted to know when i was next coming to romania she totally brushed over how disasterous it was she just said i told you not to stay at my parents home.
    catrina never really talked alot only when it came to money, i have never had one hand written letter from her in all that time.
    and i never really knew much about her personnel very secretive about that.

    she said she had a new computer.
    i asked how she got it, she just said she made a load.
    its in the yahoo conversations.
    i think she knew that i was onto her.
    she wanted to go to paris she she wanted cloths and boots and wanted me to pay for it all she said she had to look elegant when we met she had not been talking to me for that long then suddenly comes online in the middle of october asking that if i am still coming in november she wanted me to send her the money so she could make plans, then i told her i had not booked any tickets and my passport is out of date, then she was asking me to send her the money even though i had not got my passport renewed yet and sorted flights out yet, which i did send but then i was having doubts. i sent 2 transfrers then i canceled them both. the first i sent she could not get the money and text me on my phone, she never texts me on my phone, ever asking if the transfer control number was correct.
    apparently wester union had updated the surcurity so she could not get the money out. i did eventually cancel them both in the end. i thought im not giving her any more money i had to do it was making me ill all the time and i had lost alot of weight from stress.
    she said she would keep the money for the trip, i wasnt buying it, if she had of picked up the money on the wired transfer she would come up with some reason why she needed more.
    i told her i was not sending any more money through western union, i told her that.
    I did make a story up that the money had got lost in the system.
    i guess i wanted to see what she would do, if she would still stay in touch but she did not, because i cut the money supply off.

    after that she just dissapeared, i tried to phone but it just rings, it did run me a bill for some reason i dont know why.
    I contacted connex/vodaphone which is the service provider for her phone and the line still exists in the domain, so she obviously is not answering.
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