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    Are women gold diggers

    It seems to me that women want a man that can provide for her (or at least it is like that in the south). I am working on paying of my debt, going to grad school, and buying a house/condo. However, I really don't want a women that wants me just for that. I want a women who wants me for me....when the time is right.
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    Not all women are gold diggers, probably just the ones you go for. If you go to college, try to look for women there. A woman with a college education is more likely to have a career also and not just want a rich man to take care of her.

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    Not all women are though I hate say there does seem to be a lot more of them now than in my younger years. Do not assume all the interest is from gold diggers many women are attracted to a man is going places with his life. The fact that you have a good head on your shoulders, have goals that you are working towards and a future are a big draw. It shows character, it is an attractive quality all on it's own.

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    You're going to find more gold diggers in the south because society is much more backwards and sexist there. Some women still expect to find a husband and then stay at home with the kids cleaning the house. Find more intelligent women or move north.



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