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    Do any other women worry about male gold-diggers?

    Someone pointed out recently--a MAN, actually, and a wise one--that such creatures exist. I'm not talking about 'pulling your own weight', and I grew up I a happy household wherein Mom was proud to cheerfully and respectfully support Dad, financially. I'm talking about dating someone BECAUSE they'll support you financially.
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    Male gold-diggers would exist im sure.

    The problem is being able to clean someone out in divorce is also to do with how the laws are constructed. Seeing as the laws surrounding divorce are usual slanted in women favour on the old traditional view that a woman needs to be supported, a court will usually give women at least half of his money but courts would not be as easy on a man looking for half his ex's financial capital.

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    Yes they do exist. You can tell when they have a sorrowful story and need money but do not want you to give it to them.
    And they have a great deal but feel bad asking you to help out.

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    As for how to spot a male gold digger:
    We are usually more physically attractive than the women we date
    We date powerful women
    We have hard luck stories that bring out the "helper" in women so they want to "fix" us. But in the end we are just "fixed" on their money.

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    Yes, they do exist. legend has it that male gold-diggers live in the high mountains of the Himalaya



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