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    Male gold digger, is that normal

    I had a bad experience with my previous BF. I think he was a gold digger. What do all of you think? Is it normal?
    Informing "gold-digger" that she is posted on this website will lead to termination of your account and permanent banning!

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    When I think of gold diggers I always think of people who flock around famous rich people, like footballers. I never think of a stay at home parent as a gold digger.
    If he wants to be a stay at home dad and he finds a woman who wants that too, good luck to them both. It's none of my business.

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    Male gold-diggers exist. I also had a bad experience with gold digger.

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    In my opinion all gold diggers are not normal. It doesn't matter a gold digger is a male or female. I think they have wired mentality.



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