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    Why do people forget that there are male gold diggers too?

    I have a male friend who is only with this woman, because she's on her way to becoming a doctor. but I guess it goes both ways, because she's only with him, because he's a white American (she's from Venezuela). He calls her "the lady". he doesn't have much respect for her, because he's cheated on her with me by being flirty and touching inappropriately not to mention kissing me and getting aroused.
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    Men make more money than women. Female gold diggers are just more common but it doesn't surprise me to hear about male gold diggers. That friend of yours is looking to get paid and get laid. Stay away from him for your own emotional safety.

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    I personally don't have time for folks who cheat. Even my own guy friends. I distance myself from them, because to still hang around with them seems to tell them you think what they are doing is okay.

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    My ex-husband always went for older woman so they could support his lazy. He would use us then when he got what he wanted, throw us away, and go for another, only this time, he married a 26 year old woman, but she is going to school for radiology. So the only thing he has changed, is his age requirement. What a loser.

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    I guess they have a marriage of convenience. She's with him for status, he's with her for money and you are in between for what again? He is broke and you let him kiss you. Did he buy you something with his wife's money?



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