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    Why do so many men dislike female gold diggers

    When, at the same time, they claim it's instinctive for them to seek physical appearance and women to seek financial stability? Why is it okay for men to place high importance how a potential partner looks but it's bad for women to place high importance on how much money a potential partner makes if this is all based on instincts after all?
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    It's not instinct that is a damn lie some guys choose to look for a girl with good looks it's their choice I myself believe in feminism and I don't look for good looks I look for a good person it's what's in the heart that counts that's why some men dislike female gold diggers

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    Men love with their hearts and there's just an instinct women will never get, Alas was it Plato that said "A Woman only loves with her head so the relationship is cold and stale".

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    Because there is a little thing called love which many people consider important.



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