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    Oksana Titarenko aka Oksana Nosenko

    This woman was here on a finacee visa and had to return home due to father's illness. This was two days before our wedding date. Due to USCIS not allowing her to return here on her original visa, we planned to marry in Ukraine a few months later. Eventually we decided to just get a new visa. While still in Ukraine, she said she had to have an operation and I sent her many, many thousands of dollars. While in the process of obtaining her new visa, I discovered she was having an affair with a man from her town and also writing mass letters to other men from numerous agencies and she was inviting other men to visit her. I also recently discovered that while she was here, she was writing to other men telling them she was already in the USA. Needless to say, I wrote to USCIS immediately and asked them to cease any further action on her visa. This woman is only looking for a free ticket to America or another progressive country. She talks a good story. At a conservative estimate, I have spent well over $30,000 in trips, gifts, cash, and other things for her, her son, and her family. And if I would not have learned of what she was doing while I was getting a new visa, she would be here now and I would probably be facing a divorce.

    Stephen (USA)
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