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    Tatyana Vereschagina

    I visit here 3 times and next year when she finished university we should get married.
    We get in contact on the site matchdoctor.com, I was always sure about here good intentions until I saw that the same profile is placed on Bride.ru, at this time we were arranging my visit to here.
    I talked with her and she say that she has nothing to do with it, that someone else must place this profile without her permission and that she don't want to lose me.
    This summer I visit here and realize that I am not the only one that is in contact with here.
    When I stay with here she want all my money, I give here 800 euro, she also want that I give my digital photo camera to present to her Brother.
    A few days later she want that I take money with my credit card to buy a present for her parents.
    I already buy a laptop, a freezer and a washing machine.
    I am sure that there is a network with translator, taxi driver and more women on internet.
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